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Call me Judas - male - 19 y/o - all-American miserable wretch.
Candlemass/Leif Edling fanboy. MILF enjoyer. Proud manic depressive. Photo/videographer & self-proclaimed "archivist". Pretentious twat. Walking Freudian slip. I draw and write and eat babies.
I like: My girlfriend; dark, heavy, atmospheric music; record collecting; films & animation; shows and fests; (classic) trucks and SUVs; eating pussy; absurdist/existentialist philosophy; dogs (just in general); any RPG that makes me want to fucking kill myself.

(beautiful rendition of my no. 1 life goal done by my good friend Moru. Thank you Moru)

wowee! secret text!

(aside from being asphyxiated...)

MusicCandlemass (no shit) - Swans/M. Gira - Solitude Aeturnus - Current 93 - Uriah Heep - Hawkwind - Manilla Road - Blue Oyster Cult - Cirith Ungol - Gryphon - literally anything Leif Edling has ever done in his career
FilmsEnter the Void - Oldboy - Freddy Got Fingered - The Company of Wolves - Videodrome - Nekromantik - Don't Torture A Duckling - This is Spinal Tap - The Holy Mountain - most any Ralph Bakshi
GamesThe Elder Scrolls - VTM:B - early Fallout - Saints Row - Project Zomboid - Dead Island - Blinx the Time Sweeper
ReadingThe Myth of Sisyphus - Barabbas - Nemesis the Warlock - Frankenstein - Slaughterhouse-five - The Wasp Factory - Brave New World
ShowsDoctor Who - Rocko's Modern Life - Father Ted - Star Trek (TOS) - The Tom Green Show - Xavier: Renegade Angel - The Walking Dead (note: I have probably never finished a TV show in my entire life)
Currently?behind you
hi! i'm for better spacing 

Not wholly representative of all I like/do obviously. I'm not that interesting but you're free to ask me about whatever else.